Lift Pins

The EMS Hot Plate Model 1000-3 provides all of the features, option and upgrades the same as EMS 1000-1, with added Lift Pins.

The Lift pins are a useful extra to make loading and unloading larger substrates easier as you can load on to the lift pins in the up positions then slide on the pins to better centre the substrate on the top plate.

Then select you chosen method of lowering on to the Hot Plate.

Up position for loading and unloading

Configuration Options

  • Vacuum and Lift Pins controlled via a timer in the PID controller and momentary switch.
    • or Manually with a latch switch
  • PID controller configured to Run a heat cycle of 2 Ramps and 2 dwells. Vacuum and Lift Pins need to be controlled manually with this option.
    • or Steady state continuous single set point temperature.
Example Recipe using 2 Ramps and 2 Dwells