Electronic Micro Systems was established in 1984 supplying products to the semiconductor fabrication industry.

Right from the beginning, EMS has been driven by the needs of our customers.  An economical Photo Resit Spinner was identified which created the EMS 3000.  In time this evolved in to the microprocessor controlled EMS 4000, which has now been superseded by the EMS 6000 Photo Resist Spinner with its Colour touch screen PLC.

Pre and Post Bakes of the Photoresist films, lead to the creation of the Hot Plate Model EMS 1000-1 and the introduction of lift pins for easy loading and unloading the hot surface, EMS 1000-3

We are very proud to have supplied most of the Universities in the UK, as well as many renowned international research establishments around the world, hear are just a few EMS users.

  • University Cambridge
  • University Oxford
  • University Surrey
  • University Southampton
  • Imperial collage London
  • KTH Stockholm
  • Swatch Switzerland
  • DTU Denmark
  • University British Columbia Canada
  • Columbia University New York
  • Max Planck Institute