World Wide Supplier of Laboratory Precision Hot Plates and Photoresist Spinners

Our Products

Hot Plates

The Electronic Micro Systems have been supplying precision Hot Plate to the semiconductor fabrication industry for over 35 years.

The Models have changed over the years to meet customer requirements which has lead us to focus on the key features such as Simple set up, precise temperature control, reliability, safety and robustness.

Please follow the links below for more details on each product.

Hot Plate EMS 1000-1

Hot Plate EMS 1000-3

High Temp Hot Plate

Hot Plate EMS 1200

Large Hot Plate for 8″ Wafers

Photo Resist Spinners

Electronic Micro Systems offer two models of Photo Resist Spinners, One stand alone system suitable for placing on a table top, the other designed to be integrated into a bench, with remote control unit.

Spinner EMS 6000

Table Top Spinner