EMS 6000 Photoresist Spinner

Table Top Spinner

The EMS 6000 provides a simple and economical means of applying highly accurate coatings to silicon wafers, ceramic substances or any other flat substrate.

Bench Mountable Spinner


  • Ability to repeat a job many times with great accuracy to produce reliable coatings
  • PID Process Control
  • Spin Speeds between 200 and 8000 RPM
  • Colour Touch screen PLC.
  • Single ‘press to go’ button control
  • Simple programming of spin speeds, times and accellerations
  • Storage of 20 Recipes to reduce set up times
  • Fast and easy cleaning to ensure long and reliable production life
  • Additional output options for controlling external devices such as pumps, valves etc.
Vacuum Chucks
10mmx10mm Samples Larger than 50mm Diameter Samples
Main Touch Screen
Recipe Creation Screen Graphical Representation of Recipe

Table Top System Dimensions, 400mm x 300mm x 270mm, Approx 15Kg

Bench Mounted System Dimensions, 400mm x 300mm x 320mm,  plus 300mmx 300mm x 160mm, Approx 20Kg