EMS 6000


The EMS Spin Coater Model 6000 provides a simple and economical means of applying highly accurate coatings to silicon wafers, ceramic substances or other flat items at upto 10,000rpm.  The Model 6000 consists of a bench top spinner and a remote control unit, linked by a flexible cable.

EMS 6000 Display CU

The EMS 6000 now comes with touch screen programming and PID speed control.


  • Ability to repeat a job many times with great accuracy to produce reliable coatings
  • PID Process Control
  • Touch screen programming
  • Single ‘press to go’ button control
  • Simple programming of spin speeds, times and accellerations
  • Storage of 59 job settings to reduce set up times
  • Wide selection of ‘quick fit’ chucks for any sized substrate
  • Fast and easy cleaning to ensure long and reliable production life
  • Additional outputs for controlling resist pumps, developer systems and infrared systems.


  • Application of Photo Resist
  • Application of Epoxy
  • Any work requiring a precise timed sequences of speeds


  • Power 110V or 240V at 2 amps
  • Vacuum >> 15″
  • Dimensions: 300 x 400 x 270mm

Download EMS6000 User ManualEMS6000manual-thumb