Psion Programming Application

This software is available for a now obsolete Resist Spinner Controller.  It is included here so that if you have one and lost the discs that came with the device (or, indeed can no longer read floppy discs), you still have access to the software.

If you bought your hand held organiser from Electronic Micro Systems Limited, it should have contained a floppy disk which contained the Psion Programming Application.   This page allows you to download the latest version of that software.  You can then use PsiWIN (which came with your organiser) to install the software onto your organiser.  It can also be used if your organiser battery has discharged and the application has been lost.

There are two versions of this software:

These files have been zipped to comply with security requirements of WordPress.


  1. Double click the link (above) for the software you require OR place your mouse pointer over the required link above and down load the file by doing a “right click” and selecting “Save Target As…” option from the list.
  2. Un-zip the file.
  3. Place the file ems5000.SIS (or ems5016.SIS) onto your computer in a known directory (perhaps C:\My Documents\EMS\)
  4. Ensure that PsiWIN has been installed on your PC (this program is the CD that comes with the Psion).  PsiWIN can also be downloaded from the web at
  5. Ensure that the ‘Remote Link’ on the Psion is set to ‘Cable’ and the Psion is connected to the PC (see Psion documentation if necessary)
  6. Click on ‘My Psion’
  7. Click on ‘Connect’
  8. When the connection has been established (indicated by the animated sine wave icon in the tool bar) Click on ‘My Psion’ then click on ‘Install New Program’
  9. When prompted by the install program select the file ems5000.sis and Drive C
  10. When the program has been installed, you can use it. REMEMBER to turn off the Remote Link before using EMS5000.